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We are a roofing company that provides roofing  and exterior services to homeowners, contractors, real estate agents, brokers, property managers and other individuals that are in need of our services


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We are a roofing company that specializes in flat roofing. We pride ourselves from providing the best quality service for maximum customer satisfaction. Our roofing services include


At Sentinel roofing, we provide your home with the best possible roofing system. You can rely on us to build you a new roof or repair your old one. Just give us a call and we will be right there for you.

When you have a business to run, regular roof maintenance may not be top of your list of priorities and that’s okay, because Sentinel Roofing is here to take care of all your commercial roofing needs.

Industrial roofing is a bespoke roofing service for businesses in industrial areas or industrial operations. It’s roofing that’s specifically designed for your business’s needs.

We Are Offering Roofing Management Services To Support Business And Homeowners To Keep Their Roof Maintained

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Roofing And Exterior Services

Sentinel Roofing specializes in flat roofing solutions, offering expert installation and repair services for TPO, EPDM, SBS, and PVC roofing systems. Our team ensures durable, high-quality materials are used, providing reliable protection and longevity for your property.

Sentinel Roofing provides top-notch shingle roofing services, offering durable and stylish solutions to protect your property. Our skilled team ensures high-quality installations and repairs, delivering peace of mind and lasting value for your investment.

Waterproofing is a valueable system that is implaced to prevent risk from any water damage to your property.At Sentinel Roofing we provide waterproofing services, so that you can be assured that your property won’t be affected by any water damage.

At Sentinel Roofing, we’ve seen it all. From skylight leaks to gutter damage, nothing is ever too much trouble, and no roof repair is never unfixable. Contact us for any emergent roofing repairs.

At Sentinel Roofing, you will find that along with our superior roofing replacement and installation expertise, the cost to replace your roof is easier to digest than you think.

A usual roofing contractor will take ages to develop an estimate for you, at sentinel roofing we will provide you a free estimate for your roofing system, that is both accurate and timely. Get a free estimate through our website.

Our inspection program will carefully evaluate and check for performance of your roof system. If repairs are needed, we’ll ensure you understand the issues by providing pictures and show you how much it will cost to repair.

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