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Commercial Roofing

When it comes to commercial roofing, it is essential that you have a proper roofing system in placed. At Sentinel Roofing, we provide a full roof management service from the inspection to the maintenance, so that you get the full package when it comes to commercial roofing.

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Commercial Roofing Overview

The roofs of commercial buildings are often exposed to all kinds of wear and tear this often happens due to storm damages and other elements. So it is recommended that you often check and maintain the roofs of your property to prevent from water damage or any other damages. With our years of experience in the field we know everything you need to know about commercial roofs, whether you need repairs, replacements, waterproofing and even affordable service plans that would best serve for you.


We provide variety of roofing systems

We provide a number of roofing systems such as EPDM, PVC, TPO etc. 


Experienced commercial roofers

We are well experienced in commercial roofing with more than 30 years of experience.


Best possible material

We use the best material in the industry that would best serve for your business.


Commercial Roof Management

When it comes to your commercial roof it is essential that you regularly check and maintain it. It is easy to forget until water damage becomes a threat to your business. We sentinel roofing are here to help you with regular maintenance so that you can continue your operation ever to worry about water damage.


Construction and development

We provide variety of project solution

Our promise to our clients is providing the maximum quality service with the least cost. When it comes to commercial roofing there are a number of roofing systems such as EPDM, PVC, TPO etc. Each of these systems serves a purpose and these cannot be suited for every environment and the cost in the installation is very different. So before deciding whats the best system to be used you need to analyze the environment and decide on which system suits the best for that specific environment. At sentinel roofing we do each of these roofing systems and help our clients in picking out the best system that will best suit both the environment and their property.

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Global capacity

Our long term goal is to expand our business across Canada and Diversifying our business from a Roofing company to a Exterior service provider. By achieving this goal we are able to provide our services Canada at a Cost benefit .Our current Services include.


Roof Repair


Roof Replacement

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