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At Sentinel Roofing we make sure that we use the top quality material that will last for a long time, will be easy to maintain and provide you with the looks and feel you want.

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Industrial Roofing Overview

A roof failure for an industrial property can be catastrophic and the repairs would disrupt the business. A leak could damage the inventory, equipment, assets and the personnel within the business. This is why you should select the right type of roofing system that would best serve for your property and regular maintenance should be conducted to avoid any disruption to the business. At sentinel roofing we carefully analyze your property and suggest the best and the most appropriate type of roofing system. Whether its BUR, TPO or PVC you name it we do it.


We provide variety of project solution

We provide a variety of roofing system and we will suggest the best system that would be suitable for the client judging by the environment and looks. 


Experienced project manager

We are professionals when it comes to industrial roofing, we have provide industrial roofing services for more than 30 years which makes us experts in the field.


Best possible material

We makes sure that we use the top quality material so that your roof would last for a long period of time and we make sure that we provide regular maintenance to keep it that way


Industrial Roofing management

Same as of commercial roofs regular checks and maintenance should be conducted to keep your property safe from any water damage. At sentinel roofing we highly recommend regular maintenance for your industrial property so that your business operations would not be interrupted due to water damage. 


Construction and development

We provide variety of project solution

Same as that of commercial roofs, industrial roofs are also associated with roofing systems such as EPDM, TPO etc. The difference between that of a commercial roof and a industrail roof is that industrial roofs takes a much higher beating, beyond the normal wear and tear of a commercial roof. This is mostly caused due to chemical, gases, exhausts and other residue created during the manufacturing process within that industry. Unless a proper roofing system is installed and maintained the roofs are prone to leaks, wears and tears. At sentinel roofing we understand each of these factor that could cause the failure of a roofing system and provide the most appropriate roofing solution with proper roofing system and proper maintenance to help your business run smoothly ever worrying about the causes.

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Our long term goal is to expand our business across Canada and Diversifying our business from a Roofing company to a Exterior service provider. By achieving this goal we are able to provide our services Canada at a Cost benefit .Our current Services include.


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