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Project Approach



We start off any project with an analysis where we deep dive into the real problems faced by our clients when it comes to roofing and exteriors. Some of the questions that come along the way are, do we need a roof repair or roof replacement, whether the material used suits the environment. All these questions are answered in the analysis to provide a professional service to our clients. At the end of the analysis we will document all our finding along side photos to provide a full understanding of the damages.



Before the implementation, we provide our finding to our clients where they will be able to understand the problem that are associated with their roof or exterior. We help them in understanding the seriousness of the damages and what would cause if no action to be taken place. We provide both short term solutions where a repair could fix for a temporary period of time and also provide long term plans so that they wont have to worry about their property for long period of time.

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Sentinel roofing is a trusted local company based in Calgary meaning you have someone to call to in the event of a problem or question regarding roofing and exterior.

Full Service

We provide a full service when it comes to roofing and exterior to make our client’s life easier, where they wont have to find different companies for their needs.

Stellar workmanship

We know that the roof is the most important structure of a property and you can guarantee that we deliver the top quality service when it comes to it.

No leaks

A small leak or crack where water will seep in will be a severe problem in the long run. We make sure that doesn’t happen by installing a high integrity roof.

Cost-effective Industrial Solutions

The industry grows day by day and along with it comes new innovative material and products. We keep up with the trends and products and material that we can obtain at a relatively low price. We make sure that when dealing with client work we use these products and material for a cost effective strategy.


Robust Inventory of Products

The roof and the exterior of your property is one of the most important part of your home and we make sure that it stays that way for a long period of time. We use the top quality products and materials available in the market to provide a quality yet professional service to our customers.

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We’re looking for long-term goals. People with the courage to take chances. Who understand that making a difference takes passion, patience, and persistence.

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