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Roofing Inspection Overview

All roofs tend to wear down overtime and regular roof inspections are needed to be conducted in order to protect the property’s most important part that is the roof. At sentinel roofing we recommend to inspect your property regularly and mostly after any severe storms that could cause damages to your roof and even before selling your property. Our inspection team help you identify the problems that you might not see and you will be provided with a inspection report alongside photos and suggest solution that are both short term and long term.


Thorough Inspection

We provide an thorough inspection from inside to out to make sure that we provide a proper solution.



We maintain transparency with our client we provide a full inspection report for them to identify the possible cause and the solutions for their problem.


Inspection program

We use an inspection program where we evaluate the performance of your roof system and set up inspection schedules if needed.


Why Choose Us

We provide a thorough inspection of your roof, from identifying the materials used and the current conditions of it. further identifying the weaknesses, deterioration and hazard and whether your roof needs a repair or replacement. We provide all of our findings along with photos to help them identify the problems of their roof.


Our Capacity

Our long term goal is to expand our business across Canada and Diversifying our business from a Roofing company to a Exterior service provider. By achieving this goal we are able to provide our services Canada at a Cost benefit .Our current Services include.


Roof Repair


Roof Replacement

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